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Created on 2010-09-01 04:55:30 (#550603), last updated 2010-09-01 (371 weeks ago)

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Name:Dieter Schein
Website:Russian blog
Agressive and posessive, socionics type - Duma.
Extremely emotional but not hysterical, sarcastic and lazy.
Love horseriding, don't own a horse but so wanna, love dogs, but don't own and wanna, love snakes and..well, you get the picture. Spiders & snakes are love, people who're scared of 'em are funny.
Used to play guitar, quit due to lack of time.
Slash freak, but femme-slash makes go green (funny how things in life are different).
Extreme disfunctional passion towards hot-headed, agressive and brash redheaded males, love tribal tattoos and confident attidude.
Listen to whatever I feel like, but generally can't stand rap. Exception - K'maro & some songs with ELEMENTS of rap. Folk, minstrel, blues, jazz, RnB, Techno, Bass'n'Drum, Trance, Metall, Rock, Aternative, Classical, Soundtracks = ♥
Can hold a grudge. You don't want that, cause I'll get you the day you forget about me and gonna smash you.
Online games? PW, RO, RPG-forum games.
Do a lot of short-stories 'bout my own & Liebchen's characters, play PSII (FF, KH, DoC).
MINT is love. Mint chocolate is even more love.
Fluffy shit sucks. Pink bling-blings and girly-girly stuff goes in the list.
Love Germany to death, planning to transfer there.
The most valued thing in this world is friendship. It is more important to me than family or love. Everything fades...close friends do not.
The worst sin in humanity is betrayal. I can forgive almost everything and bend under your terms, but I will never forgive that.
Lived through some harsh times, still stand. That's why I mistrust people nowadays. They did wrong one too many times in my life. Doesn't mean I'm too closed off or a jerk to others though.
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